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  1. 1826
    Mosquitoes arrive in Hawai‘i
    ... and American ships carry the first mosquitoes to Hawai‘i, where there are no blood-sucking insects. Although ...
  2. 1848
    Successive epidemics spread across U.S., Alaska, Hawai‘i
    ... areas in the western U.S., Alaska, and Hawai‘i for the first time, where Native peoples have ... Hawai‘i
  3. 1951
    No tuberculosis deaths reported in Hawai‘i
    ... antibiotics and other care for tuberculosis patients in Hawai‘i helped public health officials gain control of the ...
  4. 1824
    Kamehameha II dies at 27 of measles
    King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamamalu of Hawai‘i sail to London to seek an audience with King George IV to negotiate an alliance. After a ceremonial visit to the Royal Military ...
  5. 1779
    Future Hawaiian king meets British explorer
    Kamehameha, the 25-year-old future monarch of Hawai‘i and nephew of King Kalani‘opu‘u of the Big Island of Hawai‘i and part of Maui, is present when the ...
  6. 1899
    Bubonic plague diagnosed in Honolulu’s Chinatown
    ... diagnosed with the bubonic plague, the Territory of Hawai‘i’s Board of Health declares a state of ... C. B. Wood, Board of Health, Territory of Hawai‘i
  7. 1824–26
    Pulmonary epidemic hits Hawai‘i
  8. 1845–48
    A series of epidemics kills thousands in Hawai‘i
  9. 1853
    Smallpox epidemic spreads to Hawai‘i
  10. 1895
    Cholera epidemic arrives in Hawai‘i
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