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  1. 1783
    The Peace of Paris ignores Native peoples’ rights
    The Peace of Paris, the set of treaties (Treaty of Paris and the Treaties of Versailles, 1783) that end ...
  2. 1805
    Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh call for unity among tribes
    With the Shawnee under siege, fragmented, and dispersed, Lalawithika has a spiritual revelation that ...
  3. 1808
    Tecumseh’s leadership grows
    The 1795 Treaty of Greenville pushed Tecumseh’s tribe, the Shawnee, out of their traditional lands in ...
  4. 1819
    Congress pays missionaries to ‘civilize’ American Indians
    Congress appropriates $10,000 to pay what it calls people of “good moral character” to help the U.S. eliminate ...