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  1. 1885
    Alaska regions assigned to religious denominations
    Dr. Sheldon Jackson, the head of the Presbyterian Mission in Alaska, is appointed U.S. General Agent ...
  2. 1887
    Indian Affairs Commissioner bans Native languages in schools
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs J. D. C. Atkins first bans instruction in Native languages as well as ...
  3. 1897
    Indian boarding schools teach manual labor
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs William A. Jones questions the potential of Indian students to compete ...
  4. 1906
    Allotments take land from Alaska Native villages
    In the Alaska Native Allotment Act, the U.S. Congress establishes strict regulations about which Alaska ...
  5. 1917
    More Indians are born than die
    For the first time in 50 years, more Indians are born than die, as federal appropriations for medical ...