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  1. 1922
    Radio connects remote Alaska villages to medical advice
    The U.S. Signal Corps establishes a radio network to link Alaska Native villages with doctors and nurses ...
  2. 1922
    New hospital in Ketchikan treats all
    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace open the Little Flower Hospital in Ketchikan to serve all members ...
  3. 1926
    Anglican hospital opens in Tlingit village
    Named after Peter Trimble Rowe, who heads the Anglican Church in Alaska, Bishop Rowe Hospital opens ...
  4. 1940
    Rosebud Tribe in South Dakota appoints health committee
    The Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota appoints a health committee, a model that other tribes soon ...
  5. 1945
    Ship carries medicine, doctors to southeast Alaska
    The Territorial Department of Health uses the ship the M/S Hygiene to deliver medical services to isolated ...
  6. 1964
    Formal training and salary for physicians’ aides
    Village “chemoaide” program begins training Alaska Native volunteers living in remote villages to help ...