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  1. AD 1493–1550s
    Native peoples begin dying from European diseases
    Diseases unknown to them spread rapidly among Native peoples, who lack immunity to viruses and bacteria ...
  2. AD 1520–62
    ‘Virgin-soil’ epidemics devastate Native populations
    “Virgin-soil” epidemics sweep through populations with no prior exposure to a particular infectious ...
  3. AD 1540
    The Zuni resist a conquistador but retreat from Spanish guns
    The Spanish conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado seeks the “Seven Cities of Gold.” At Hawikuh, ...
  4. AD 1640
    Intertribal war forces Dakota peoples westward
    An intertribal war precipitates the migration of Dakota peoples from what is now known as northern Minnesota ...
  5. 1761
    First known influenza pandemic from the Americas begins
    Influenza is one of the diseases that Europeans brought to the New World. Unlike previous influenza ...
  6. 1775
    Smallpox strikes again in North America
    As the American Revolution begins, epidemic smallpox spreads across North America, killing hundreds ...