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  1. 1968
    American Indian Movement advocates for urban Indian rights
    A group of 200 Natives meet in Minneapolis to found the American Indian Movement, known as AIM. Growing ...
  2. 1971
    Association of American Indian Physicians established
    To improve the health of American Indians and Alaska Natives, 14 Native physicians organize the Association ...
  3. 1972
    Reuben A. Snake Jr. leads American Indian Movement
    Winnebago tribal leader Reuben A. Snake Jr. (named Kee-Kah-Wah-Un-Ga at birth) serves as national chairman ...
  4. 1978
    American Indian freedom of religion legalized
    The American Indian Religious Freedom Act legalizes traditional spirituality and ceremonies, overturning ...
  5. 1999
    Tribes seek share in tobacco settlement
    American Indian tribes file a $1 billion lawsuit against the tobacco industry, claiming they were unfairly ...