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  1. 1923
    Tuberculosis identical among patients of different races
    The National Tuberculosis Association issues a paper stating that “tuberculosis attacks without racial ...
  2. 1924
    American Indians granted U.S. citizenship
    Inspired by the high rate of American Indian enlistment during World War I, President Calvin Coolidge ...
  3. 1924
    Medical division established in Office of Indian Affairs
    The Office of Indian Affairs creates a separate medical division to administer the growing number of ...
  4. 1924
    Professional nurses hired for reservations
    The Office of Indian Affairs begins hiring professional field nurses to care for Native peoples on reservations.
  5. 1925
    American Indian TB deaths outpace general population
    Tuberculosis mortality in 1925 is 87 deaths per 100,000 in the U.S., in general. Among American Indians ...
  6. 1927
    Clean water, sewers needed on most reservations
    After a century of the federal government moving American Indians onto reservations with inadequate ...
  7. 1928
    Government underreports American Indian deaths
    Lead investigator Lewis Meriam publishes The Problem of Indian Administration , documenting the failure ...
  8. 1934
    Commissioner calls for religious freedom for American Indians
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs, John Collier, issues a circular on American Indian religious freedom, ...
  9. 1935
    Tuberculosis vaccine tested on American Indians
    American Indians are invited to enroll in an experimental study to determine the effectiveness of a ...
  10. 1940
    Doctors leave reservations to enlist
    Office of Indian Affairs physicians and surgeons begin leaving Indian reservation hospitals to serve ...
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