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  1. 1934
    Commissioner calls for religious freedom for American Indians
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs, John Collier, issues a circular on American Indian religious freedom, ...
  2. 1944
    National Congress of American Indians established
    The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is founded. A generation educated in off-reservation ...
  3. 1945
    Alaska’s territorial legislature adopts anti-discrimination law
    Elizabeth Peratrovich, president of the Alaska Native Sisterhood, testifies before the Alaska Territorial ...
  4. 1953
    Congress seeks to abolish tribes, relocate American Indians
    Congress passes a resolution beginning a federal policy of termination, through which American Indian ...
  5. 1961
    Alaska Native organizations unify; call for federal recognition of rights
    Three regional Alaska Native organizations—the Alaska Native Brotherhood, the Dena Nena Henash, and ...
  6. 1966
    Alaska Federation of Natives established to speak with one voice
    A statewide conference of more than 400 Alaska Natives, representing several regional associations, ...