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  1. 1979
    Diabetes at epidemic numbers in American Indian communities
    Nearly 17 percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives have diabetes—the highest age-adjusted prevalence ...
  2. 1980s
    Drunk driving a leading cause of early death
    Among young American Indians and Alaska Natives, drunk-driving accidents, suicide, and violent crime ...
  3. 1992
    Native woman diagnosed with HIV becomes educator
    Lisa Tiger, Muscogee Creek/Seminole/Cherokee, is diagnosed with HIV. She traces the infection to a boyfriend ...
  4. 1997
    Diabetes called greatest threat to American Indians since TB
    Congress creates the Special Diabetes Program for Indians, due to the disease’s emergence as one of ...
  5. 2003
    Traffic accidents kill many American Indians under age 44
    The Indian Health Service reports that American Indians/Alaska Natives are two to four times more likely ...
  6. 2009
    H1N1 flu mortality four times higher among American Indians
    The 2009 H1N1 influenza virus infects American Indians and Alaska Natives, with overall death rates ...