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  1. 1922
    Radio connects remote Alaska villages to medical advice
    The U.S. Signal Corps establishes a radio network to link Alaska Native villages with doctors and nurses ...
  2. 1922
    New hospital in Ketchikan treats all
    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace open the Little Flower Hospital in Ketchikan to serve all members ...
  3. 1922
    Report identifies Native Hawaiian medicinal plants
    D. M. Kaaiakmanu and J. K. Akina, employees of the the Board of Health for the Territory of Hawai‘i, ...
  4. 1926
    Anglican hospital opens in Tlingit village
    Named after Peter Trimble Rowe, who heads the Anglican Church in Alaska, Bishop Rowe Hospital opens ...
  5. 1928
    Airplane transports rural patients to Anchorage
    The first air transport service for the sick and injured begins in Alaska. Its first flight brings patients ...
  6. 1930
    Hawaiian Bureau of Public Health Nursing established
    Hawai‘i establishes the Bureau of Public Health Nursing. ... Medicine Ways ... Hawai‘i
  7. 1930
    The O‘ahu Insane Asylum closes
    The O‘ahu Insane Asylum, opened by King Kamehameha IV in 1866 on the Iolani Palace grounds in Honolulu, ...
  8. 1939
    Providence Hospital opens in Anchorage
    The Sisters of Providence establish a large Providence Hospital in Anchorage. The hospital serves both ...
  9. 1939
    Hawaiian Bureau of Mental Hygiene is established
    Acting on a study funded by the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, the territorial legislature of Hawai‘i ...
  10. 1940s
    Fanny Flounder, Yurok healer, dies in California
    The Yurok shaman Fanny Flounder is celebrated for her ability to use a hollow bone to suck sickness ...
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