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  1. 1968
    Government trains midwives for remote villages
    Congress establishes the Alaska Community Health Aide Program to train health workers for remote villages ...
  2. 1975
    Native American medical students organize
    The Association of Native American Medical Students, an organization representing Native American graduate ...
  3. 1993
    Traditional Alaska Native midwives convene
    Chugachmiut, a 20-year-old nonprofit organization that works to advance the social, economic, and cultural ...
  4. 1997
    New hospital replaces 1950s IHS medical center in Anchorage
    The new Alaska Native Medical Center replaces the Anchorage Medical Center built by the Indian Health ...
  5. 1997
    Alaska Native consortium provides medical care, sanitation facilites
    The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the largest tribal-run health care organization in the U. ...