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  1. 1968
    Government trains midwives for remote villages
    Congress establishes the Alaska Community Health Aide Program to train health workers for remote villages ...
  2. 1973
    Bans on Native Hawaiian healing traditions overturned
    Native Hawaiian healers, known as kahuna , are again permitted to practice legally. The growing Native ...
  3. 1975
    New medical school graduates Native Hawaiians
    Four Native Hawaiians graduate in the first class of the John A. Burns Medical School, University of ...
  4. 1975
    Native American medical students organize
    The Association of Native American Medical Students, an organization representing Native American graduate ...
  5. 1977
    Safe Drinking Water program established in Hawai‘i
    The State of Hawai‘i starts a program to ensure safe drinking water. ... Medicine Ways ... Hawai‘i
  6. 1985
    Study finds Native Hawaiian healing practices still important
    The Native Hawaiian Health Research Consortium under ALU LIKE releases its “E Ola Mau” (“Native Hawaiian ...
  7. 1986
    Native Hawaiian and Western-trained health professionals ally
    Dr. Richard Kekuni Blaisdell starts the organization E Ola Mau, later incorporated under its first president, ...
  8. 1988
    Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians is established
    The ‘Ahahui o na Kauka, the Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians, is established. Today there are ...
  9. 1991
    Waianae Diet promotes Native Hawaiian culture, well-being
    The Waianae Diet is based on the traditional Hawaiian diet, which is high in complex carbohydrates and ...
  10. 1992
    Native woman diagnosed with HIV becomes educator
    Lisa Tiger, Muscogee Creek/Seminole/Cherokee, is diagnosed with HIV. She traces the infection to a boyfriend ...
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