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  1. 1779
    Future Hawaiian king meets British explorer
    Kamehameha, the 25-year-old future monarch of Hawai‘i and nephew of King Kalani‘opu‘u of the Big Island ...
  2. 1804
    Epidemic strikes Kamehameha’s warriors on O‘ahu
    As King Kamehameha prepares to attack the island of Kaua‘i from his base on O‘ahu to expand his influence ...
  3. 1806–07
    Famine devastates the Hawaiian islanders of Maui
    Maui Natives suffer from drought and famine. No rain falls from October 1806 to April 1807. Plants, ...
  4. 1810
    Kamehameha I unifies the Hawaiian Islands
    King Kamehameha I, also known as Kamehameha the Great, is the nephew of Kalani‘opu‘u, the former king ...
  5. 1819
    Hawaiian queen lifts kapu, or taboos
    Before the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century, an extensive system of taboos, or kapu , regulates ...
  6. 1820s
    Commercial agriculture and whaling transform Hawai‘i
    As foreign agricultural businesses gain control of more of the Hawaiian Islands, converting land for ...
  7. 1824–26
    Pulmonary epidemic hits Hawai‘i
    An epidemic that is suspected to be whooping cough kills thousands of Native Hawaiians. ... Whooping cough, ...
  8. 1815
    Cattle ranching comes to the Big Island of Hawai‘i
    John Parker, who had jumped ship as a young sailor a few years earlier, finds favor with King Kamehameha. ...
  9. 1820
    Protestant missionaries begin teaching in Hawai‘i
    Queen Ka‘ahumanu, who in 1819 publicly overthrew kapu (taboos governing all aspects of Native Hawaiian ...
  10. 1826
    Mosquitoes arrive in Hawai‘i
    European and American ships carry the first mosquitoes to Hawai‘i, where there are no blood-sucking ...
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