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  1. 1841
    Native Hawaiian workers mistreated on sugar plantations
    Anglo-American businessmen begin to shift the native agricultural economy to a plantation system of ...
  2. 1848
    Hawaiian monarch divides land; paves way for foreign ownership
    King Kamehameha III institutes the Great Mahele, or land division, which destroys the ahupua‘a (the traditional ...
  3. 1893
    Businessmen call on U.S. military to invade Hawai‘i
    Members of the Annexation Club accuse Queen Liliu‘okalani of being a “revolutionary” against Hawai‘i. ...
  4. 1898
    U.S. annexes Hawai‘i; seizes land; suppresses healers
    The U.S. annexes Hawai‘i and seizes royal and government lands. Launching aggressive assimilation policies, ...
  5. 1900
    Native Hawaiians oppose U.S. annexation
    Nearly half the Native Hawaiians sign a petition to Congress opposing annexation. Liliu‘okalani, the ...
  6. 1850
    Hawai‘i regulates Asian immigrant labor
    The Hawaiian government establishes indentured servitude with “An Act for the Governance of Masters and ...
  7. 1852
    Chinese workers come to Hawai‘i
    The first Chinese contract laborers arrive. Some bring with them the habit of smoking opium. ... Land and ...
  8. 1868
    Japanese and other foreign workers enter Hawai‘i
    Japanese laborers arrive in Hawai‘i, followed by Korean workers in 1903, and Filipino workers in 1906.
  9. 1891
    Hawai‘i’s last monarch is crowned
    King Kalakaua dies. Princess Liliu‘okalani, the last of nine heirs to the throne, succeeds him. She ...
  10. 1875
    Sugar industry booms; resources abused
    Hawai‘i’s sugar industry booms and becomes incredibly profitable after the Kingdom of Hawai‘i enters ...