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  1. 1887
    ‘Bayonet Constitution’ takes Native Hawaiians’ rights
    The all-white Hawaiian League, formed in 1883, advocates the overthrow of the monarchy and annexation ...
  2. 1898
    U.S. annexes Hawai‘i; seizes land; suppresses healers
    The U.S. annexes Hawai‘i and seizes royal and government lands. Launching aggressive assimilation policies, ...
  3. 1900
    Native Hawaiians oppose U.S. annexation
    Nearly half the Native Hawaiians sign a petition to Congress opposing annexation. Liliu‘okalani, the ...
  4. 1850
    Hawai‘i-U.S. treaty ratified
    The Hawaiian-American Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation is ratified. Both nations pledge ...
  5. 1875
    Sugar industry booms; resources abused
    Hawai‘i’s sugar industry booms and becomes incredibly profitable after the Kingdom of Hawai‘i enters ...
  6. 1890
    Businessmen plan for annexation
    Congress enacts the McKinley tariff, denying Hawaiian sugar producers the competitive advantages they ...