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  1. 1930
    Hawaiian Bureau of Public Health Nursing established
    Hawai‘i establishes the Bureau of Public Health Nursing. ... Medicine Ways ... Hawai‘i
  2. 1921
    Trachoma rises among American Indians
    Trachoma, a serious bacterial infection of the lining of the eyelids, is a leading cause of blindness. ...
  3. 1921
    Congress funds American Indian health care
    In legislation commonly known as the Snyder Act, Congress authorizes funds for “the relief of distress ...
  4. 1921
    Congress sets aside land for Native Hawaiian homesteading
    In the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, the U.S. Congress recognizes Native Hawaiian fishing rights. The ...
  5. 1922
    Radio connects remote Alaska villages to medical advice
    The U.S. Signal Corps establishes a radio network to link Alaska Native villages with doctors and nurses ...
  6. 1922
    New hospital in Ketchikan treats all
    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace open the Little Flower Hospital in Ketchikan to serve all members ...
  7. 1924
    American Indians granted U.S. citizenship
    Inspired by the high rate of American Indian enlistment during World War I, President Calvin Coolidge ...
  8. 1924
    Medical division established in Office of Indian Affairs
    The Office of Indian Affairs creates a separate medical division to administer the growing number of ...
  9. 1924
    Professional nurses hired for reservations
    The Office of Indian Affairs begins hiring professional field nurses to care for Native peoples on reservations.
  10. 1925
    Emergency vaccine delivery helps stop diphtheria in Alaska
    After the deaths of two Iñupiaq children, Dr. Curtis Welch realizes that diphtheria is spreading in ...
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