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  1. 1872
    General Mining Act gives rise to the taking of tribal lands
    President Ulysses S. Grant signs the General Mining Act into law, allowing individuals and corporations ...
  2. 1887
    Indian Affairs Commissioner bans Native languages in schools
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs J. D. C. Atkins first bans instruction in Native languages as well as ...
  3. 1897
    Indian boarding schools teach manual labor
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs William A. Jones questions the potential of Indian students to compete ...
  4. 1903
    Overcrowding, poor ventilation contribute to deaths in boarding schools
    Indian boarding schools are built hastily or adapted from existing barracks, and officials bring Native ...
  5. 1909
    Dollars allocated but promised health care remains distant
    Congress appropriates $12,000 for a national health program for Native Americans. The government organizes ...
  6. 1909
    Despite quarantine, TB spreads in student populations
    Faced with continuing high rates of tuberculosis among Native students in boarding schools, the Office ...
  7. 1914
    Tuberculosis quarantine advised on reservations
    Office of Indian Affairs physicians urge Indian agents on reservations to quarantine Native persons ...
  8. 1924
    American Indians granted U.S. citizenship
    Inspired by the high rate of American Indian enlistment during World War I, President Calvin Coolidge ...
  9. 1924
    Medical division established in Office of Indian Affairs
    The Office of Indian Affairs creates a separate medical division to administer the growing number of ...
  10. 1924
    Professional nurses hired for reservations
    The Office of Indian Affairs begins hiring professional field nurses to care for Native peoples on reservations.
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