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  1. 1989
    Hawai‘i Primary Care Association established
    The Hawai‘i Primary Care Association, a nonprofit organization, is established to promote primary health care for all Hawai‘i’ ...
  2. 1941
    Hawai‘i under martial law; U.S. military takes sacred lands
    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor at Honolulu, Hawai‘i. The United States declares war on Japan and enters World War II. The U.S. places the Territory of Hawai‘i under ...
  3. 1831
    Ka‘ahumanu orders Catholic missionaries out of Hawai‘i
    ... who has fought against the kapu tradition in Hawai‘i and accepted the Protestant Congregationalist missionaries in Honolulu ...
  4. 1898
    U.S. annexes Hawai‘i; seizes land; suppresses healers
    The U.S. annexes Hawai‘i and seizes royal and government lands. Launching aggressive assimilation policies, the U.S. outlaws traditional healers known as kahuna . Punishments ...
  5. 1971
    Native Hawai‘i movement protests eminent domain
    ... and commercial development. The protest launches the Native Hawai‘i movement, modeled on the U.S. civil rights ...
  6. 1976
    Dr. Noa Emmett Aluli among Hawai‘i’s ‘Kaho‘olawe Nine’
    ... in the first class of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa John A. Burns School of Medicine. ... Hawai‘i
  7. 1843
    Hawai‘i’s independence recognized
    ... the independence and sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. (Hawai‘i Pono‘ī, “Key Points in Hawaiian History.”)
  8. 1978
    Native Hawaiian conditions improve
    During the Hawai‘i State Constitutional Convention, the condition of Native Hawaiians improves greatly due to the efforts of an organized group ...
  9. 1905
    Native Hawaiian healing practices are outlawed
    ... the government of the U.S. Territory of Hawai‘i outlaws them. It seeks to suppress the practice ... The Revised Laws of Hawai‘i, Chapter 89, Section 1077, outlaws Hawaiian Native healers, known as kahuna .
  10. AD 1200
    Tahitian settlers in Hawai‘i set up social classes
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