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  1. 1848
    Successive epidemics spread across U.S., Alaska, Hawai‘i
    ... areas in the western U.S., Alaska, and Hawai‘i for the first time, where Native peoples have ... Hawai‘i
  2. 1899
    Bubonic plague diagnosed in Honolulu’s Chinatown
    ... diagnosed with the bubonic plague, the Territory of Hawai‘i’s Board of Health declares a state of ... C. B. Wood, Board of Health, Territory of Hawai‘i
  3. 1845–48
    A series of epidemics kills thousands in Hawai‘i
  4. 1853
    Smallpox epidemic spreads to Hawai‘i
  5. 1895
    Cholera epidemic arrives in Hawai‘i
  6. 1903
    Hawai‘i suffers first dengue epidemic
  7. 1836
    Hawaiian monarchs order foreigners screened for smallpox
    ... takes the first documented public health measure in Hawai‘i, ordering screening for smallpox on all foreign vessels ...
  8. 1850
    Kamehameha III appoints a Board of Health
    King Kamehameha III establishes Hawai‘i’s first Board of Health to organize the response to epidemics and enforce sanitary provisions to protect public health.
  9. 1854
    Kamehameha IV turns to Western medicine to fight smallpox
    ... smallpox vaccinations for all in the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. ... Hawai‘i
  10. 1874
    Father Damien comes to Kalawao leper colony
    The Kingdom of Hawai‘i's Board of Health places patients with leprosy in segregation on the island of Moloka‘i, providing supplies but ...
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