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  1. 1939
    Hawaiian Bureau of Mental Hygiene is established
    ... Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, the territorial legislature of Hawai‘i funds the Bureau of Mental Hygiene and places ...
  2. 1930
    Hawaiian Bureau of Public Health Nursing established
    Hawai‘i establishes the Bureau of Public Health Nursing. ... Hawai‘i
  3. 1965
    Native Hawaiian herbalists lose licensing
    The state of Hawai‘i abolishes the Hawaiian Medicine Board, leaving Native Hawaiian herbalists without a licensing agency. However, the Board of Massage steps ...
  4. 1922
    Report identifies Native Hawaiian medicinal plants
    ... the Board of Health for the Territory of Hawai‘i, produce a catalog of medicinal plants, “Hawaiian Herbs ...
  5. 1930
    The O‘ahu Insane Asylum closes