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  1. 1898
    U.S. annexes Hawai‘i; seizes land; suppresses healers
    The U.S. annexes Hawai‘i and seizes royal and government lands. Launching aggressive assimilation policies, the U.S. outlaws traditional healers known as kahuna . Punishments ...
  2. 1905
    Native Hawaiian healing practices are outlawed
    ... the government of the U.S. Territory of Hawai‘i outlaws them. It seeks to suppress the practice ... The Revised Laws of Hawai‘i, Chapter 89, Section 1077, outlaws Hawaiian Native healers, known as kahuna .
  3. 1973
    Bans on Native Hawaiian healing traditions overturned
    State of Hawai‘i Penal Code, Title 37, Chapter 773 overturns state policies that outlaw Native Hawaiian healing practices.