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  1. AD 1200
    Tahitian settlers in Hawai‘i set up social classes
  2. 1758
    The first Hawaiian monarch is born
    ... become the first monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i after the chiefdoms of all the islands are ... Choris, an artist on a Russian expedition to Hawai‘i under the direction of Otto von Kotzebue, painted ...
  3. 1810
    Kamehameha I unifies the Hawaiian Islands
    ... the former king of the Big Island of Hawai‘i and part of Maui. For the first time, ... Hawai‘i
  4. 1819
    Hawaiian queen lifts kapu, or taboos
    Heiau (temple) at Kealakekua Bay, Hawai‘i, 1782. Engraved by W. Walker based on an illustration by William Ellis. Ellis, an English missionary and naturalist, traveled on the ...
  5. 1820
    Protestant missionaries begin teaching in Hawai‘i
  6. 1831
    Ka‘ahumanu orders Catholic missionaries out of Hawai‘i
    ... who has fought against the kapu tradition in Hawai‘i and accepted the Protestant Congregationalist missionaries in Honolulu ...
  7. 1840
    Hawaiian Constitution established
    ... Chiefs and a group of Western advisors, establishes Hawai‘i’s first Constitution. The document provides Hawaiian citizens ...
  8. 1843
    Hawai‘i’s independence recognized
    ... the independence and sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. (Hawai‘i Pono‘ī, “Key Points in Hawaiian History.”)
  9. 1859
    Queen’s Hospital established to protect ‘Hawaiian race’
  10. 1884
    Hawaiian children promised education
    ... Kamehameha Schools for the education of Hawaiian children. (Hawai‘i Pono‘ī, “Key Points in Hawaiian History.”)
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