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  1. 2006
    Health insurer accepts, reimburses traditional healers
    ... medical insurance company AlohaCare accepts the state of Hawai‘i’s credentialing system for traditional healers and begins ...
  2. 2004
    University establishes department to promote Native Hawaiian health
    The University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents establishes the Department of Native Hawaiian Health as part of the John A. Burns School of ...
  3. 2001
    Native Hawaiian healers exempted from licensing
    Hawai‘i’s legislature exempts Native Hawaiian practitioners from required licensing. ... Hawai‘i
  4. 2000
    Native Hawaiian cancer network established
  5. 1998
    ‘Aha Summit held in Honolulu on Native Hawaiian health
  6. 1996
    Traditional healers of Hawai‘i incorporate
    ... organization called Kupuna La‘au Lapa‘au o Hawai‘i incorporates. Its members are Hawaiian traditional healers who ...
  7. 1991
    Waianae Diet promotes Native Hawaiian culture, well-being
    ... in the Waipo Valley on the Big Island, Hawaii. Taro is a staple of the traditional Hawaiian ...
  8. 1988
    Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians is established
  9. 1986
    Native Hawaiian and Western-trained health professionals ally
  10. 1985
    Study finds Native Hawaiian healing practices still important
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