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  1. 1775
    Smallpox strikes again in North America
    As the American Revolution begins, epidemic smallpox spreads across North America, killing hundreds ...
  2. 1766
    Armed Russian fur traders massacre Unangan (Aleut)
    The Russian trader, Ivan Solovief, arms his workers to murder Unangan (Aleut) men, women, and children ...
  3. 1762
    The Unangan (Aleut) resist Russian occupation
    Unangan (Aleut) rebuff the Russian merchant Stepan Glotov. A group of armed Unangan men attacks a party ...
  4. 1759
    Russian fur trade expands in the Aleutian Islands
    On Umnak and Unalaska, two of the Islands off southwestern Alaska, the Russian merchant Stepan Glotov ...
  5. 1745
    Russians enslave Unangan (Aleut) people
    Russian traders violently coerce Unangan (Aleut) men to trap beaver and other fur-bearing animals. The ...