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  1. 1824
    U.S. establishes Office of Indian Affairs in War Department
    Establishment of the Office of Indian Affairs within the War Department puts in place the bureaucracy ...
  2. 1823
    Supreme Court rules American Indians do not own land
    The first of three court cases (the “Marshall Trilogy”) that become the foundation of American Indian ...
  3. 1819
    Congress pays missionaries to ‘civilize’ American Indians
    Congress appropriates $10,000 to pay what it calls people of “good moral character” to help the U.S. eliminate ...
  4. 1803
    Congress orders medical care for Native peoples
    The federal government formally assigns the responsibility for providing medical care for Native peoples ...
  5. 1787
    Congress can regulate trade with Indian tribes
    The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, permits Congress to make all laws ...