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  1. 1918–19
    ‘Spanish Influenza’ claims millions of lives
    American Indians and Alaska Natives are among the tens of millions who die in the Spanish Influenza ...
  2. 1917
    More Indians are born than die
    For the first time in 50 years, more Indians are born than die, as federal appropriations for medical ...
  3. 1917
    American Indians volunteer for WWI
    Though not yet U.S. citizens, more than 10,000 American Indians serve in the U.S. Army and more than ...
  4. 1915
    Federally funded hospital planned for Alaska Natives
    Congress appropriates funding for a 25-bed hospital in Juneau to provide care for Alaska Native patients.
  5. 1915
    Alaska Natives must renounce cultures to become citizens
    Chapter 24, Session Laws of Alaska, recognizes Native peoples as citizens of the Territory of Alaska ...
  6. 1915
    The Alaska Native Sisterhood is established
    Following the formation of the Alaska Native Brotherhood in 1912, Alaska Native women meet in the Tlingit ...
  7. 1915
    Schools must keep children healthy, Commissioner states
    American Indian parents grow anxious about the safety of sending their children to government boarding ...
  8. 1914
    Tuberculosis quarantine advised on reservations
    Office of Indian Affairs physicians urge Indian agents on reservations to quarantine Native persons ...
  9. 1912
    Alaska Natives organize to seek rights
    Twelve Alaska Native men and one woman create the Alaska Native Brotherhood to preserve traditions, ...
  10. 1912
    Territory of Alaska gains congressional delegate
    The Organic Act of 1912 renames the District of Alaska the Territory of Alaska. This status gives Alaska ...
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