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  1. 1978
    American Indian freedom of religion legalized
    The American Indian Religious Freedom Act legalizes traditional spirituality and ceremonies, overturning ...
  2. 1953
    Congress seeks to abolish tribes, relocate American Indians
    Congress passes a resolution beginning a federal policy of termination, through which American Indian ...
  3. 1934
    Commissioner calls for religious freedom for American Indians
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs, John Collier, issues a circular on American Indian religious freedom, ...
  4. 1917
    More Indians are born than die
    For the first time in 50 years, more Indians are born than die, as federal appropriations for medical ...
  5. 1897
    Indian boarding schools teach manual labor
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs William A. Jones questions the potential of Indian students to compete ...
  6. 1887
    Indian Affairs Commissioner bans Native languages in schools
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs J. D. C. Atkins first bans instruction in Native languages as well as ...