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  1. AD 1400
    Tahitians control trade routes
    Tahitians, sailing double-hulled canoes, take over the oceanic trade routes between Hawai‘i and Tahiti.
  2. AD 1200
    Tahitian settlers in Hawai‘i set up social classes
    Led by chief-priest Pa‘ao, Tahitian settlers in the Hawaiian Islands set up a stratified society of ...
  3. AD 1000
    Viking ships land in Mi’kmaq homelands
    Viking ships visit the homelands of the Mi’kmaq people in areas now known as Maine, Prince Edward Island, ...
  4. AD 700
    Chumash travel the Pacific coastline in plank canoes
    At Santa Barbara Bay, Chumash ancestors make plank tomols, or canoes, from the trunks of fallen redwood ...
  5. AD 650–1400
    Family farms feed a metropolis at Cahokia
    At Cahokia, from 20,000 to 30,000 people of the Mississippian mound-building culture live in a 5-square- ...
  6. AD 400
    Marquesan Islanders sail north to Hawai‘i
    People from the Marquesas Islands arrive in the Hawaiian Islands and settle there but continue to sail ...
  7. 200 BC
    Arctic hunters make ingenious boats and gear
    Native peoples master hunting sea mammals in difficult Arctic waters by developing sophisticated boats ...
  8. 1000 BC–AD 1550
    Urban gardeners build earthen mounds in Ohio River valley
    The Adena and Hopewell farming cultures build large earthwork mounds at the center of their cities and ...
  9. 2600 BC
    Gulf Coast peoples make canoes and pottery for trade
    As the population grows north of what is now called Fort Myers, Florida, people begin living in permanent ...
  10. 3000 BC
    West Coast settlements rely on shellfish and acorns as staples
    People occupy large settlements most of the year in an area now known as Santa Barbara, California. ...
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