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  1. 1930s
    Heart disease, cancer replace infectious diseases as leading causes of death in Hawai‘i
    Heart disease and cancer begin to replace tuberculosis, pneumonia, and gastrointestinal illnesses as ...
  2. 1890
    Native population plunges
    In the U.S., Native population falls to an all-time low. The 1890 census records 237,196 Native people— ...
  3. 1867
    Violent settlers speed demise of northern California tribe
    The Yana, a small tribe of about 1,900 living in the Sacramento River valley in northern California, ...
  4. 1826
    Mosquitoes arrive in Hawai‘i
    European and American ships carry the first mosquitoes to Hawai‘i, where there are no blood-sucking ...
  5. AD 1620
    English Pilgrims settle on Wampanoag land
    Pilgrims settle at what is now known as Plymouth, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod near the abandoned village ...
  6. AD 1607
    British colonists settle in Powhatan territory
    More than 30 tribes and an estimated 20,000 Indians, including Mattaponi, Pamunkey, and Chickahominy ...