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  1. 2600 BC
    Gulf Coast peoples make canoes and pottery for trade
    As the population grows north of what is now called Fort Myers, Florida, people begin living in permanent ...
  2. 4500 BC
    Mound builders keep gardens along the Mississippi River
    Ancestors of the Muscogee people build circular earthwork mounds—the earliest evidence of human habitation ...
  3. 8000 BC
    Glaciers retreat; climate changes; diets shift
    At the end of the Ice Age, many large mammals become extinct. Across the Americas, people shift away ...
  4. 10,000–8000 BC
    Early North American lifestyles
    Ancestors of American Indians hunt large mammals, catch fish, and gather fruits and nuts. Archaeological ...
  5. 40,000–10,000 BC
    Contemporary Native peoples from many nations teach that they originated in their traditional lands. ...
  6. Antiquity
    Today, all tribes tell stories of their origins. There are as many creation stories as there are tribes, ...