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  1. 1817
    U.S. frontier advances, pushing Native peoples westward
    All along its western border, the U.S. presses for more land to accommodate the expanding nation. To ...
  2. 1813
    Tecumseh’s vision of unity dies; U.S. invades northwest tribal lands
    While the British colonel Henry Proctor and his troops, including some American Indians, retreat into ...
  3. 1812
    Cherokee and Choctow hope for long-term U.S. alliance
    As the U.S. and Britain fight the War of 1812 on fronts from Mexico to Canada, tribes seek strategic ...
  4. 1794
    Battle of Fallen Timbers opens Northwest Territory to settlement
    President George Washington assigns General “Mad” Anthony Wayne to build several forts between the Ohio ...
  5. 1789
    The Northwest Ordinance guarantees tribal land rights
    Congress ratifies the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, creating the first organized territory of the United ...