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  1. 1965
    Native Hawaiian herbalists lose licensing
    The state of Hawai‘i abolishes the Hawaiian Medicine Board, leaving Native Hawaiian herbalists without ...
  2. 1964
    Formal training and salary for physicians’ aides
    Village “chemoaide” program begins training Alaska Native volunteers living in remote villages to help ...
  3. 1958
    Seminole knowledge aids in tranquilizer’s development
    The Seminole medicine man Josie Billie shares some of his vast knowledge of healing plants with the ...
  4. 1945
    Ship carries medicine, doctors to southeast Alaska
    The Territorial Department of Health uses the ship the M/S Hygiene to deliver medical services to isolated ...
  5. 1940s
    Fanny Flounder, Yurok healer, dies in California
    The Yurok shaman Fanny Flounder is celebrated for her ability to use a hollow bone to suck sickness ...
  6. 1940
    Rosebud Tribe in South Dakota appoints health committee
    The Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota appoints a health committee, a model that other tribes soon ...
  7. 1939
    Providence Hospital opens in Anchorage
    The Sisters of Providence establish a large Providence Hospital in Anchorage. The hospital serves both ...
  8. 1939
    Hawaiian Bureau of Mental Hygiene is established
    Acting on a study funded by the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce, the territorial legislature of Hawai‘i ...
  9. 1930
    Hawaiian Bureau of Public Health Nursing established
    Hawai‘i establishes the Bureau of Public Health Nursing. ... Medicine Ways ... Hawai‘i
  10. 1930
    The O‘ahu Insane Asylum closes
    The O‘ahu Insane Asylum, opened by King Kamehameha IV in 1866 on the Iolani Palace grounds in Honolulu, ...
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