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  1. 10,000 BC
    The Unangan (Aleut) perform surgery
    Unlike other tribes at this time, the Unangan peoples in the Aleutian Islands west of Alaska understand ...
  2. 1930
    Hawaiian Bureau of Public Health Nursing established
    Hawai‘i establishes the Bureau of Public Health Nursing. ... Medicine Ways ... Hawai‘i
  3. 1847
    Pharmacies open in Hawai‘i
    In Honolulu, Dr. G. Watson and Dr. Robert Wood found three pharmacies—the first in Hawai‘i. ... Medicine ...
  4. 1868
    Kamehameha V issues licenses to Native healers
    In an attempt to regulate them, King Kamehameha V orders government licensing of Native Hawaiian healers ...
  5. 1866
    Hawaiian kahunas organize to treat smallpox
    In December, eight Hawaiian traditional healers, known as kahuna , meet on Maui to discuss whether traditional ...
  6. 1867
    Validity of Native Hawaiian medicine is defended
    The Ahahui Lā‘au Lapa‘au of Wailuku (an association of Native healers known as kahuna ) issues a report ...
  7. 1868
    Kamehameha V calls for written record of traditional practice
    In Hawai‘i, King Kamehameha V requests that traditional healers’ knowledge, or Kua‘ua‘u , be documented ...
  8. 1872
    Native Hawaiian doctors graduate
    Ten young Native Hawaiians graduate from Dr. Gerrit P. Judd’s School of Medicine and are licensed to ...
  9. 1879
    King Kalakaua turns to traditional Hawaiian healers
    In Hawai‘i, King David Kalakaua I issues licenses to traditional healers, known as kahuna , to revive ...
  10. 1886
    Hospital opens in Juneau to aid Alaska Natives
    The Sisters of Saint Ann open a mission hospital in Juneau and provide care to Alaska Natives. ... Medicine ...
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