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  1. 1926
    Funding to improve newborn survival reaches Hawai‘i
    ... and Infancy Act to include the Territory of Hawai‘i. The federal government provides matching funds to programs ...
  2. 1893
    Businessmen call on U.S. military to invade Hawai‘i
    ... Queen Liliu‘okalani of being a “revolutionary” against Hawai‘i. None is Native Hawaiian; all are white plantation ...
  3. 1959
    Hawai‘i becomes a state; Native Hawaiian program funded
    Hawai‘i becomes the 50th of the United States. By the terms of the federal Hawaiian Admission Act, the state of Hawai‘i assumes trust responsibility for Native Hawaiians. The Act ...
  4. 1989
    Hawai‘i Primary Care Association established
    The Hawai‘i Primary Care Association, a nonprofit organization, is established to promote primary health care for all Hawai‘i’ ...
  5. 1941
    Hawai‘i under martial law; U.S. military takes sacred lands
    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor at Honolulu, Hawai‘i. The United States declares war on Japan and enters World War II. The U.S. places the Territory of Hawai‘i under ...
  6. 1826
    Mosquitoes arrive in Hawai‘i
    ... and American ships carry the first mosquitoes to Hawai‘i, where there are no blood-sucking insects. Although ...
  7. 1831
    Ka‘ahumanu orders Catholic missionaries out of Hawai‘i
    ... who has fought against the kapu tradition in Hawai‘i and accepted the Protestant Congregationalist missionaries in Honolulu ...
  8. 1868
    Japanese and other foreign workers enter Hawai‘i
    Japanese laborers arrive in Hawai‘i, followed by Korean workers in 1903, and Filipino workers in 1906.
  9. 1820s
    Commercial agriculture and whaling transform Hawai‘i
    ... Hawaiians are displaced. European and American whalers use Hawai‘i as their base and play a major role ...
  10. 1847
    Pharmacies open in Hawai‘i
    ... Robert Wood found three pharmacies—the first in Hawai‘i. ... Hawai‘i
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